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Make more money with Kash! 

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Decentralized cash makes it easy to save, invest and spend!

What Kash offers: 

  • Checking solution: A faster and cheaper way to send money and make global payments. Our accounts integrate stablecoins and fiat currencies, provide our customers with the quickest and most cost-effective financial service for remittances, payment solutions, and remittance markets. 
  • Saving solution: Grow your wealth with a high-interest savings account. Open a free account in seconds, deposit money, and watch your savings grow. That's an easy and safe way to save money while earning interest above the rate of inflation. Insurance options protect accounts from log risks and include inflation protection. 
  • Investment solutions: Grow your wealth and invest in your favorite companies with dozens of stocks and ETFs. Improve access to investment opportunities worldwide with tokenized traditional financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as well as physical assets such as real estate, commodities, precious metals, art, and other illiquid assets. Designed to reduce friction across geographic boundaries and eliminate costs associated with intermediaries, improve liquidity, efficiency, and the accessibility of assets through fractional ownership. 
  • Cards and App solution: Kash App customers experience a mobile payment solution with lower transaction fees and instant settlement based on blockchain technology. The company is working to develop this solution for any  P2P transfer such as remittance and e-commerce markets. We are working with partners to facilitate payments with Kash stablecoin. The goal is to use Defi payment rails to provide faster and more secure transactions at a fraction of the cost, offering savings to both customers and merchants. 
  • Security: Stored in a secure decentralized wallet that you control with your social media account and powered by Torus with OAuth 2.0 factor authentication (secure API authorization). 

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The Kash web app is easy to use: You can deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies with different wallets in a split second. Through virtual IBAN and credit cards, fiat currency can be deposited into Kash. The service also offers a withdrawal option. You can exchange other currencies into strong stablecoins, and you can earn up to 20% interest on your savings. You can trade ETFs, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. You will get a debit card and a checking account. Through various partners, it will be possible to pay in stores worldwide and transfer money to your Kash account in just seconds. In addition, there will be reward tokens. No platform in the world offers these kinds of features. Payment with stablecoins will become popular all over the world and prevail because it replicates strong currencies 1:1. Relying on payment solutions based on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is risky because of their high volatility. 

Kash is multilingual and currently available in English, Turkish and Spanish. Soon, Kash will also be available in German. In the future, more languages will be added. Especially for emerging countries without a functioning banking system, Kash will enable all people to participate in the financial system. Through a QR-Code in the app and on the debit card, it is possible to receive and send funds. In some countries, this form of payment is already widespread and accepted by the population.


Web App Kash

Opening an account is fast and easy and only takes a few steps. You can sign up using a Gmail account, Facebook, Discord, or Twitch account. Of course, registration with any mail address works as well. 

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Kash Debit Card

This is the easiest way to spend your stablecoins. Kash Card services enable customer payments with physical and virtual debit cards in multiple currencies and offer a global payment solution. ATM withdrawals, Apple and Google Pay, lower transaction fees, and instant settlement are built-in features. Fully licensed and compliant with all major global card schemes.


The ChargaCard platform offers individuals the ability to pay their bills in affordable installment rates. Businesses can use the platform to receive the money owed to them. The platform eliminates the need for credit cards and a dedicated debt collection. With ChargaCard, individuals effectively settle their debts and businesses take control of how they receive their money. ChargaCard is a tool that improves the relationship between businesses and individuals.